How a novel approach to discovering and trialing plant-based antivirals is being attempted in Kenya to fight the pandemic

vImportant sources of key flavonoids — Citrus × sinensis (sweet orange), mangifera indica (common mango), menthe piperita (common peppermint)

n=1 herbals case study

Disclaimer: This is an opportunistic test of an herbal constituent previously under study. This post is not an encouragement to try similar on your own, it’s simply a source of data of use for the herbal antivirals clinical trialing community.

A fraught debate on repurposed drugs

“Weigh Scale” by haven’t the slightest is licensed with CC BY-ND 2.0

COVID likely derived from the bat caves of Southern China’s Yunnan province originally. Ethnic groups in the region have been living in close proximity to these caves for millenia. Could the traditional plant-based medicines they developed be the key to managing the pandemic?

A machine-learning approach to in silico drug docking sheds light

With the coronavirus epidemic still reaching its zenith in the US, I observe friends and family in San Francisco who work in ER wards and nearby county clinics post their scary treatment stories and PPE fundraisers on Facebook. It’s evident that something is very wrong.

Rick Sheridan

Coming from a multidisciplinary MIT technical background and startups in San Francisco & SE Asia, Rick leads @EMSKEPhyto .

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